Hitachi magic wand | how to use the vibrator
Hitachi magic wand | how to use the vibrator


A massager and a sex toy – these are the two main functions of the Hitachi magic wand. First, as a massager, it can be used to massage muscles to relieve yourself from stress and tension that you are feeling due to doing lots of hard work throughout the day. This device is also good to aid the treatment of recuperating muscles and bones from injuries.

The Hitachi magic wand massager can also be used as a sex toy or a vibrator. This will make sexual activities more fun and stimulating. With this device, people will have the chance to still activate their sex life, or improve their sex life. The Hitachi magic wand is usually 12 inches long. When it touches women’s clitoris, it can give a powerful sensation and which can lead to orgasm. When it is used, it should touch the women’s skins at the side of the clitoris and the vaginal opening. You can use it at a desired speed and at a desired pattern. If people use this as a sex toy, it is advisable to use this with lubrication to make things nice and slippery, adding to the satisfaction.


The use of Hitachi magic wand massager can really improve a person’s sex life and he/she will also have a tool which can help him/her relax and get relieved from stress.